Ways of Promoting Your Art in Cyberspace

Ways-of-Promoting-Your-Art-in-CyberspaceSmart modern artists use various tools to promote their work in the cyberspace. After all, if it really came to it, no one would deny that they need to eat, just like the rest of us. But the question here is that since these tools are not secret, then why do some folks excel while others are finding it difficult to breakthrough to a bigger audience and increased earnings? [Read more...]

Sound Systems – Finding A Quality System

If you are looking to buy quality audio equipment, Bose is definitely a brand worth checking out.  You should note that their stuff falls in the high end category and therefore will certainly set you back a bit of money but in turn provide fantastic sound quality and longevity. When looking at larger systems intended for outdoor concerts, fairs or other such events, these will generally be complex and bulky. The entry level is generally around 800 – 1kW of sound and the recommendation is to add about 2w per person over a crowd of 250 but don‘t make the additional investment before consulting an expert. [Read more...]

So you want a music blog, but how do you start?


Choosing a memorable (domain) name

Domain name choice is extremely important for music more than anything else. The plain truth is, music is lifestyle. Music is something most people choose for their leisure time. And they cherish that. To enter a spot in their personal space and be irreplaceable, you have to be cool. For your music blog domain name go short, go cool, go popular. With the hundreds of new domain name extensions (gTLDs) unleashed recently by ICANN, you have no excuse for a long, unnoteworthy domain.

Free blog services vs hosted ones

You have your domain name ready, so your music blog is half-way started. You need hosting for your content. First, you have one major decision to make. Free platform or own hosting? Free platforms advantages are that they are, imagine that, free. But also they involve no web development whatsoever. However, free services are always limiting, remember that – most will allow you to use your own domain name, and will even give you access to some interesting statistics. But. They might not give you enough space for all your articles, or, force adds on you.

Advantages of WordPress

Which is the greatest deal-breaker when it comes to own hosting? In my view it is not the price, it is the web development. With the new cloud services hosting providers are able to do more accurate scalability and offer good packages for your money. Web development, however, is expensive. Here comes the value of WordPress. WordPress, if you are not familiar with it, is a web-based application, starting as specialized in blogs, and now a very powerful content management system. You can install it, download and apply a theme, all free, and manage your blog through a user-friendly backend. It is free, user-friendly, stable, and beautiful. And the best of all – popular – you will find thousands of how-to-s online, if you get stuck somewhere on the way.

Choosing a theme for your blog

WordPress is awesome to use for the admin, but the theme you chose will be your blog’s face for the customers. As we already established, it is crucial for a music blog to look cool. My personal opinion is themes have to allow you to change them easily. The risk here is not to lose continuity. Always choose themes that are very customizable in color choice, and layout. These are the two things that your users will recognize you for.


There is a very simple list of tasks you can follow – you can be ready by the end of the day – First, research a good hosting provider and create an account – you want your domain name and hosting to be all in one place. Second, choose your SLD (name) and TLD (extension) and register. Third, install WordPress. Fourth, pick a theme that looks cool and supports the functionality you want for your music blog. Install it.

Off you go, blog away

And the next step is to start writing. Be creative and fun, be unique and up-to-date. We would love to hear what you have to say. Blog away.

Best London Music Groups

Since the Beatles, Britain has been the  country where new music trends are born. London is a true global city, with plenty of cultural experiences, that mix and make its music scene into one exciting pot. In this article I am going to look at some of the best bands from the London contemporary music scene.

Example is a DJ and singer from London. He came onto the scene with his hit single “Changed the Way You Kissed Me”, which were followed by many that climbed to the number one spot on the charts. He is the up and coming figure of the English electonic and pop music scene. His tunes have easy, yet heavy rhythm, which make them excellent for working out to. I personally love to put on my running socks that I recently bought from Jog of Your Life, and running on my treadmill while I blast Example tunes from my headphones.

Nadine is the fortrunner of the industrial rock scene of London. Her music could be described as a mixture of Rammstein-like heavy rhythms, deep bass of Massive Attack, and unique piano play that creates a eclectic, yet intriguing musical mix. Her musical background has many other components, as she was born to a Norwegian and a Pakistani parent. Her music might remind you of Tom Yorke of Radiohead, PJ Harvey or St. Vincent.

If you are looking for smoother music, Laura Jurd is the one to keep an eye on. She is known for her minimalis jazz tunes that drive from folk influences as well as classical and popular music. She plays standards in her own interpretation as well as her own compositions. She is of the tender age of 21, but she already has her own style of composing, which she displays in her own, original songs. Even though she is still young and learning, she will surely grow into one of the premiere musicians in Britain.

Rishi Rich is the premier personality behind London’s Asian music scene. The city has a big Asian community, which deserves to be represented on the music scene. Rishi is a composer and singer on his own, but he also worked as a producer with multiple electroni, pop, funk and R&B artists. He worked with such world renowned artists as Punjabi MC, Ricky Martin and Craig David among others.

The last band on my list is Coldplay, a band that every person in the Western part of the World has heard of. The band was founded in 1996 at University College London. They enjoyed a sudden, quick rise to fame thanks to their catchy tunes that draw from powerful drums, guitar melodies that are easy on the ears and well-written lyrics that are delvered by Chris Martin. Considering all of these factors it is not surprising that the first album of the band reached double platinum status. The music of the band since featured in a host of British television shows, such as “Utopia” and “Derek”.

New Technology That Helps Us Exercise

Exercise is an important activity for most people today. Many people want to do some regular exercises, so they can improve their overall health significantly. Regular exercises are very useful to increase the immune system, boost your metabolism and even help you relieve stress as brought out on Metabolic Aftershock. There are some modern devices that are created these days. These devices are very useful to help people do some of their exercises easily. This article is going to talk about some recommended devices for people who love doing some exercises. These items are very useful to increase the exercising experience. All people should be able to enjoy their workouts in their daily life.

Smart Body Scale

There are a lot of modern devices that are available today, for example this device. This smart body scale is very useful to help all people monitor their weight. Many people have problems with their obesity or overweight. It is a good idea to use this smart body scale for monitoring the workout performance. A good scale may be able to track the weight, water, body fat, and many other details accurately. Some scales can be integrated with certain smartphones. Therefore, they are able to increase the user’s experience significantly. There are some types of smart body scales that are available on the market. People can select the best one that is good for their needs.

Fitness Band

Many people want to use fitness band for their needs. This item is very useful to track any exercises or other related activities easily. This device works by tracking some important details, for example heart rate, distance, exercise time, weight, and many other important details. A good fitness tracker can make all people feel comfortable with their exercises. They should be able to monitor their exercise or workout performance significantly. Some products are also able to monitor the heart rate for 24 hours a day without having any interruptions.

GPS System

This device is recommended for people who do regular exercises everyday. They should be able to maximize the use of this GPS system during their exercises. They are able to use this GPS system when they do some cardiovascular activities, for example running, cycling, walking, jogging, and some other exercises. Some GPS units are able to detect the distance change, altitude change, and many other details. A good GPS unit is able to help all users monitor their environment easily. They will never have to worry about getting lost during their workouts.

There are many other modern devices that are available today. People can select the best device that is suitable for their needs. It is not difficult task to find new technology that helps us exercise today. Doing some exercises should not be a complicated task to do these days. It is recommended for all people to do some exercises regularly. Don’t forget to choose the best technology for helping you do some exercises easily. Most modern fitness devices are available in many online stores or retailers today. Select the best item that is made from high quality materials and systems.

Which Is The Best E-Reader On The Market?

My First Kindle Reader

Reading has always been one of my favourite hobbies. It’s a great way to expand your mind, learn some new things and just pass the time. I tend to read a book a week at least and always have at least one book with me when I’m travelling.

So when Amazon first released the Kindle reader back in 2007, I was definitely interested. I was very much in the target demographic and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Kindle. Unfortunately, as well as being in the target demographic, I was also in the UK – so the Kindle was off limits to me.

Fortunately, at the end of 2009, Amazon made the Kindle (by this time it was the Kindle 2.0) available internationally. I got one shipped to the UK from Amazon USA and I was absolutely delighted with it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that my wife keeps “upgrading” me, I would probably still be using it today.

It pretty much did everything that I wanted. It was small and light, the battery lasted forever (well at least four weeks), and it let me carry hundreds of books with me wherever I went. I was doing a lot of travelling at that point, so it really lightened the load in my hand luggage.

Most importantly, it was great to read on. The e-ink display is as close to reading text printed on paper as makes no difference. It really is a lot better than reading text on a computer screen.

The difference is that e-ink displays, unlike computer displays, are not back-lit. That makes them much better for reading text on. They can’t do some of the other things that computer displays can – like playing video for example, but if you’re looking for the best possible reading experience, it needs to be an e-ink display every time.

Add in the fact that, even back in 2009, it was possible to find a huge number of free e-books for the Kindle and you might understand why, as a keen reader, I was so delighted.

Enter The Kindle 4

Amazon released the Kindle Keyboard, generally referred to as the Kindle 3 – by pretty much everyone who doesn’t work for Amazon at least. However, I resisted the temptation to upgrade. As mentioned more than once already, I was delighted with my Kindle 2.0 and didn’t really see the need.

It wasn’t until the release of the Kindle 4 that I got an upgrade – courtesy of my wife’s Christmas gift. To be honest, when I first got it, I was a little worried that I would miss the QWERTY keyboard of the Kindle 2.0 – but that turned out to be no problem at all.

What I hadn’t realised was that the only time I ever used the keyboard was when I was looking for a new book to download. That tended to be just about once a week. The rest of the time, the only controls that I really needed were the page forward/back buttons on the side of the Kindle.

The pop up virtual keyboard on the Kindle 4 was fine for looking for new books once a week – and Amazon’s predictive text was very accurate, so using the virtual keyboard wasn’t too much of a chore at all.

The K4 was small and light and had a great screen. Even without a keyboard, it was a much better reader than my old Kindle 2.0. Once again, I was delighted with my Kindle.

And Finally, The Kindle Paperwhite

Earlier this year, I got another upgrade – from the Kindle 4 to the Kindle Paperwhite this time – once again, courtesy of my wife’s gift giving (birthday this time). It’s a great reader, and it has its own screen light.
The light is projected onto the text rather than being back-lit like a computer screen. that’s important because reading on a back-lit screen is a bit like trying to read when someone is shining a light into your eyes.

The other thing about the Paperwhite, is the fact that it has a touch screen. It has no physical page turn buttons, you either swipe the screen or tap it to change the page. It also has a pop up virtual keyboard, which you can access by typing on it as you would with any other touch screen device.

It’s a very nice reader and, although I don’t really need the light (I have a bedside light for reading by), I do like it a lot.

Which Is The Best Reader?

Amazon has, somewhat bullishly, declared that the Kindle Paperwhite is the “world’s most advanced e-reader”. They’re probably right.

I also notice that they are now calling the Paperwhite “the best device for reading”, which I’m actually just a little bit more ambivalent about.

To be honest, I prefer the Kindle 4. I like the positive feel of the physical page turn buttons. When prodding, poking and swiping on the Paperwhite, I sometimes get it wrong. My fault I expect, but the end result is the same (and it doesn’t happen on the K4).

The light on the Paperwhite is a good idea, but it’s not actually something that I need to make much use of. I don’t doubt that, for some people, this will be a godsend. Just not for me.

So, in my opinion, the Kindle 4 is actually a bit nicer to use than the Paperwhite. It’s also smaller (just a little bit), lighter and cheaper – which, in my opinion at least, makes it the best e-reader on the market right now.

How Makeup Can Transform Your Face into a Work of Art

The word art makes most people think of paintings, sculptures or drawings, the idea being that art is the creative expression of an individual displayed on a canvass or in a sculpture. But art today really means a great variety of things. If we take the idea that art is the creative expression of an individual, than a girl’s makeup routine can be defined as art.

Makeup can be incredibly creative and give you virtually limitless possibilities on how to transform your face. Just think of those pictures you see of girls transforming themselves into anime characters, by giving themselves extremely large eyes and pale perfect skin . Makeup is an incredible tool to help you creatively express yourself.

But as with anything, applying makeup takes skill and know how, so here are some tips to get your started in artistic makeup.

Always Start with a good Foundation:
Before you do anything else, you absolutely must create a good canvass on which to work on. So this requires preparing your skin by washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, followed by applying foundation to create an even skin tone. The products you use and how you do this is really up to you, some basic tips are to use a foundation primer beforehand and to pick a foundation that has a coverage level that is suitable for you. If you favor the minimalist easy to maintain look and don’t have too many imperfections to hide, then you can try a bb cream that is specifically formulated for your skin type . Or if you do have problem skin and want to create a flawless canvass, then your best bet would be to go with a more medium to full coverage foundation. Whatever you decide, it is important to do your research beforehand so that you choose products that will work well with your skin.

Your Eyes are Windows to Your Soul:
There is an incredible amount of flexibility and choice when it comes to applying eye makeup. On the eccentric side is the anime eyes look, which requires you to almost draw on bigger eyes onto your face, using a mixture of black, white and colored pencils. If however that’s not for you, then there are still a great array of techniques to try. Eyeliner is essential for making your eye color stand out, but try not too make it too thick or bold, rather it should be understated and light. If you want to appear younger or more refreshed, try applying white eyeliner to the bottom of your eyelids, this will make your eyes appear larger and more awake. The world of eyeshadow is an artists paradise, you have an almost infinite amount of choice of shades, textures and brands to try. One basic rule however is blending, choose a combination of lighter and darker shades to apply to your eyes and put the darker shade more in the crease of your eye, while the lighter shade illuminates the whole appearance. If you want to really stand out, you can try matching your eye shadow to your eye color, but always remember not to use an exact match, but rather one that is either lighter or darker than your actual eyes. With eye shadow you can play around with infinite possibility, whether its using metallic shades in silver, gold or copper, matte pastel shades or even smoky eyes, you can create incredible looks with ease.

Remember to Have Fun:
Art should be fun, and makeup should be fun as well, remember to play around, make mistakes and try new things, don’t let yourself get stuck in one boring old routine. For inspiration you can look up pictures on pinterest or facebook pages or check out the blogs of makeup fanatics for tips.

The Glamorous and Meaningful World of the Trendiest Pups in London

When in London, it’s not only the humans that are making statements. The cooler pooches are also making theirs strutting their trendy canine couture from one fashion show after another. Gone are the days when all pet owners have to do are house train and choose the best types of puppy food for optimal health. Today, if you want your pet to stand out, you have to shop for them as if you’re doing so for your own wardrobe.

From clothes to nail spa, hair accessories, hairstyle and even gym memberships, dogs are becoming trendier by the day. For the more practical pet owners, all these luxuries may sound ridiculous. Vet, food and training bills are already extra expenses as they are. But for the more glamorous girls and boys who can afford it, splurging not just hundreds but thousands of bucks on their pet’s wardrobe, blings and grooming are source of utter pleasure.

Trendy dogs are, in fact, becoming the most popular accessories for the rich. A-list stars, for example, are often spotted with adorable pups all dressed up for paparazzi shots. It’s no wonder why there are now wardrobe collections for your furry friend. For spring, pastel seems to be the color of choice. For summer, traditional prints like plaid and black and white patterns are making a comeback. While orange is the new black is the projection for fall and winter.

It doesn’t stop with just wardrobe either. If you want to spruce things up further, there is a world of accessories to choose from. From collars to rhinestone letters, doggy rain macs and retractable leads, dog fashion in London is a different and glamorous world all on its own. Just imagine buying a Mulberry rain mac for £500. Again, the purchase is ridiculous for an average owner. For the rich, it probably is a must-have.

Think whatever you like but there is no denying the fact that the pet industry in London particularly with respect to fashion is a burgeoning and thriving one. It is also projected to keep on growing as more pet owners join in the fun of pet dress up.

Fortunately, it’s not just all luxuries for the trendiest puppies in London. As a way to give back and dazzle, London features a yearly Paw Pageant event where a variety of dogs across the capital gather together to don designer wardrobes. Dubbed as the biggest fashion event of the season, the pageant features a parade of the most sensational and stylish dogs on the dog walk to raise funds for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

For this year, the first part of the show will showcase dogs donning canine couture by Lilly Shahravesh of LoveMyDog while the second part welcomes the public to enter their pets for the pageant with a chance to bag the coveted title. Win or lose, you not only get a chance to show off your pup in his or her trendiest attire but you also get to take part in a good cause that will help rescue, rehabilitate and find good homes for abandoned dogs and cats.

Are You Using Your Smartphone to Stay Healthy?

Our smartphones open up a world of possibility, always right within our grasp and at the ends of our fingertips. An endless supply of information, of entertainment, of connections with others, it’s all right there.

One of the really great ways to capitalize on this powerful potential is to use your smartphone to help you get and stay healthier than ever. There’s a huge array of great apps and gadgets you can use with your iPhone, your Android or whatever other device you’re using these days, to stay on top of your game with nutrition, fitness, and everything health-related.

For example, you’ve probably seen people wearing their FitBits, or their Up bands. There’s also the FuelBand from Nike, and a variety of different options as well. While each of these are different, essentially they all offer you the same concept. You’ll be able to track all of your exercise and all of your physical activity, as well as all of the food you eat, and the calories and nutrients they have. Some of these gadgets even let you monitor your sleep as well, to see if you’re getting enough rest.

With all of this information at hand, you’ll be able to see how many calories you’re burning, and eating, and what you need to change to have more fitness success. You’ll be motivated and reminded all day long to take the stairs instead of the elevator, to walk that extra block after dinner or to get up and stretch your legs at the office so you get more steps, burn more calories, reach your goals and stay on the right track for your fitness.

While you have to pay for all of the above gadgets, there are also free choices as well. A simple fitness app such as MapMyWalk lets you track your exercise using a GPS and map, so you’ll know how far you walked, ran, biked or hiked. You can save your favorite routes, try to beat your personal best times, or try to extend your record for distance covered or time spent exercising.

Another great set of apps you can use relate to how you eat at restaurants. Look up restaurants and meals, and then look for recommended dishes, healthier alternatives, and more. These are basically restaurant survival guides, so you can avoid making common mistakes. Often times, even with the best of intentions, it’s very difficult to make a healthy decision while eating out, but these apps will help walk you through the process and make better choices.

You can even look up ingredients and foods while you’re at the grocery store. How many calories is in an average avocado? If you don’t want to buy an unhealthy mayonnaise, can you cut down on the calories by making it at home, and what kinds of ingredients would you use?

Now you’re smart shopping, and you’re learning how to maximize your health at every turn. Some apps even let you scan the barcodes of certain foods and brands, and then receive quick details on how it compares to other foods health wise, whether or not there are any ingredients you should avoid, and so forth.

Another way to help yourself out is by checking for allergies, and replacements for certain ingredients. For instance, certain apps will let you mark off which ingredients you need or want to avoid, and only recommend recipes, foods or products that don’t have them. In this way, you can quickly find the perfect gluten free powders to mix into your post-workout shake, for instance, and you won’t need to worry about your gluten allergy any longer.

With your smartphone, the world really is at your fingertips, and if you’re not using it to help you stay healthier and fitter, then you’re missing out a great opportunity. Keep track of your exercise and your calories, make better decisions at restaurants, watch out for allergies or look up recipe and ingredient replacements, and so much more. So while Twitter and Instagram and whatever the latest new addictive game you’re playing are all great, you can do much more with your smartphone, including living a smarter lifestyle each and every day.

Tech Advances in Folding Knives

Technology is always on the rise. Whether it’s finding ways to make things slimmer, lighter, faster and just down right better use, big strides are always being made. Where we mainly think about technology in terms of gadgets and electronics, we often forget that design is applicable to pretty much everything. For something to really succeed on the market, functionality and ergonomics need to be combined with aesthetics and design materials. Striking the perfect combination is so hard to achieve, and perfection will arguably never be reached in any field. One particular field that has seen rapid improvements in design and advancements in technology is the field of folding knives.

Now, I’m yet to see a folding knife be described as a gadget. So where I’m about to talk to you about technological advancements, I’m not saying someone has gone and created a knife that’s also a smartphone, or a knife that automatically uploads your usage to Facebook. Although, that’s a million dollar idea right there. I’ve called shotgun! Joking aside, I’m talking about real life improvements in materials, design and all round ergonomics, that have transformed folding knives from clunky, awkward blades to essential bits of equipment for many professions.

Where before, blade and handles were thrown together just because the blades where too sharp to handle alone, now every inch of the blade and handle are considered when it comes to functionality. Recent models of popular brands have taken to using a carbon fibre handle. These handles are smooth the touch, easy to grip yet aren’t abrasive to your palms. As well as feeling great, the handles are also incredibly lightweight as a result of the carbon fibre material, making them a joy to use as well as hold.

Blade lengths have also been invited, with 3″-3.5″ being the most ergonomic. This basically doubles the size of the knife with the blade extended, usually from a gorgeously chamfered click to release button. Having this extra length allows the user to gain enough leverage to make strong, consistent cuts, without the blade bending or looking to move laterally in the handle. Once extended, models now feature a locking function, removing the risk of the blade collapsing on your hand while in use. If this had been around 10 years ago, I would be minus one tasty scar on my finger, and would never have seen one of my own bones..

Where individually, none of these advancements are particularly life changing or revolutionary, the combined sum of the parts is something really beautiful. If you’re looking for a folding knife of your own, you can find comparisons, reviews and opinions over at The Folding Knife HQ. Watching the evolution of the folding knife has been a true pleasure, as it is with any design. Manufacturers have learnt that aesthetics have to match ergonomics, and I can’t wait to see what comes next in this ever changing world of design and technology.

If you have a particularly advanced knife in your pocket as your EDC take a moment to think exactly how much design and technology have really gone into making it possible.

How to Use Technology for Self-Education

DIY – these days everyone’s doing it. Home repairs, car overhauls, health and self-improvement have all exploded with options for people to better themselves, their surroundings and their minds all on their own. Of course, technology helps quite a bit when it comes to these endeavors and, for self-education, it’s important to understand what can help with every part of the learning process.

Websites for Education

The biggest part of getting a quality education involves connecting with quality courses and instructors. Online options include those which provide interaction and direct feedback as well as simple pre-recorded lectures for independent students to watch on their own. The most common form of online is the now traditional online university, which is an evolution of mail-order schools from the past. These have given way to a whole new generation of websites which offer amazing courses, and thought provoking lectures to students everywhere.

Coursea – Free to use and simple to navigate, Coursea offers lectures chopped up into convenient 15-minute segments, making it an ideal starting place for DIY students who feel they don’t have enough time in their day for self-education.

Open Culture – Open Culture offers educational lectures from well known universities such as UCLA, they are also in partnership with http://researchpaperforsale.net – a great hub of research, papers and case studies. They also host classic and independent films as well as audiobooks and online textbooks.

Learnist – Know you want to jump into education but not sure how or where? Learist is often called the “Pinterest of education” with its familiar set-up and ease of use. Students can collect, share and publish their own educational wish lists, resources and educational content.

Getting Down to Business

Once you know where to go for educational content, it’s time to use technology to help with your focus and discipline. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of self-education is maintaining your focus, desire and attention to the job at hand. Once again, there are a number of applications and websites which can help.

Self-Control – Self-Control is a simple application which prevents users from going to specific websites for a set amount of time. For students just getting back into the swing of education, this can be a life saver.

TrackTime – Ever feel like you’ve been hard at work all morning but when you lean back from your computer, you realize you’ve accomplished nothing? TrackTime takes the mystery out of this phenomena by tracking where you are and what you’re doing online while it runs in the background. Let it run and work as you normally would for a few days to see where things are going wrong.

Deadlines – Setting small goals can help get the ball rolling with self-education. Deadlines helps with this by setting specific dates for when you should have something accomplished then reminding you of them as they get closer. This can help helpful whether it’s a project you want to complete as a part of coursework or simply working through a series of lectures.

Successful self-education has as much to do with following through as it does finding quality content. Using technology to help plan and structure your education program can help to ensure the best possible results.

Canadian Producer Deadmau5 rises again with While (1<2)

It’s been two years since Canadian dance music producer Deadmau5 hit the scene with his studio album “Album Title Goes Here”, and now he’s back with a new two-disc album ready to smash the dance floors, “While”. Already being praised as his best work to date, While features some of his strongest beats, intricate rhythms, some underground monsters, as well as some radio-friendly ear pleasers too.

Deadmau5 has carved his niche into the music scene, being largely responsible for bringing house music back to the radios with the 2009 hit “Ghosts and Stuff” and paving the way for other similar artists and producers to flood the airwaves and ultimately change the landscape of popular music for the next decade.

While producers like The Freemasons, Avicii and and Tiesto swear by programs like Logic Pro and Ableton, Deadmau5 uses the windows based Fruity Loops Studio for the majority of his production, allowing him a unique sound in a genre over saturated with cloned beats and melodies.

The first single released off While is a slow-grooving, bass thumping anthem called Seeya featuring the hypnotic vocals of Coleen D’Agostino. This track describes the desire of escaping reality through a ‘dream world’ which could easily be interpreted as several things. Coleen’s smooth voice changes to a piercing wail through the chorus chanting “I feel it in my bones, escape the world I know, it’s all in my control”.

Deadmau5, while a fan of using traditional MIDI controls, opts to use a Moog synthesizer for the glitching melody that overlaps the strong bass line which controls the whole track. The effect is something fresh in a world of repetitiveness.

Other notable tracks on the album include the warm, yet incredibly engaging, “Pets”. The track blends notes together seamlessly, building warm chords, adding a Deadmau5 appropriate kick drum and taking you on a musical journey over 7 and a half minutes. Not a song you’ll be hearing on the radio, but definitely a good listen.

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails also adds his flare to a couple of tracks on the album, Survivalism and Ice Age. The latter of which utilizes a stripped down back-porch guitar pluck, angelic vocals and some gritty percussion melding together in a track which feels simultaneously sterile and incredibly filthy. Arguably one of the most pleasing tracks to listen to on the entire album.

Of course, the album wouldn’t be complete without minimalist tracks like Silent Picture, which traverse soundscapes that include influences, and Avaritia, which opens disc one with throbbing bass and glitches that scream a Deadmau5 masterpiece.

While the album as whole has a little something for everybody, there are a few tracks that feel like the fall short of the standard set by some of its leaders. Personally, the synth laden melodies of Superbia and the whiney Bleed, both tracks off disc two, seemed to pull the album down into sounds that didn’t mesh well with anything else off the collection. Though some may disagree, the sound feels like too much of what was left out of The Veldt, from Joel’s previous album.

Overall, this album received a score or 8/10 from the boys over at Spin, which means that it’s good in our books too!

Check out While on iTunes today, or get a glimpse through Deadmau5′s Soundcloud account.