Ways of Promoting Your Art in Cyberspace

Ways-of-Promoting-Your-Art-in-CyberspaceSmart modern artists use various tools to promote their work in the cyberspace. After all, if it really came to it, no one would deny that they need to eat, just like the rest of us. But the question here is that since these tools are not secret, then why do some folks excel while others are finding it difficult to breakthrough to a bigger audience and increased earnings? [Read more...]

Sound Systems – Finding A Quality System

If you are looking to buy quality audio equipment, Bose is definitely a brand worth checking out.  You should note that their stuff falls in the high end category and therefore will certainly set you back a bit of money but in turn provide fantastic sound quality and longevity. When looking at larger systems intended for outdoor concerts, fairs or other such events, these will generally be complex and bulky. The entry level is generally around 800 – 1kW of sound and the recommendation is to add about 2w per person over a crowd of 250 but don‘t make the additional investment before consulting an expert. [Read more...]

Guitar Woods

A guitar is one of the best musical instruments one can possess. Its music dating back decades and decades ago. With modern day designs, there are several kinds of woods from which a guitar can be made. It is up to you to find which one best suits your preference. Read on to get a better idea of the different range of guitar woods available so that you may find it easier to choose the best acoustic guitar for you.

Soft Maple
A cousin to the hard maple, the soft maple guitar wood is not as heavy, has comparatively dull lows and comes cheap. It is most common in Korea than in any other country in the world. In terms of pores, it comes with quite tight ones that evidently compress its highs.

Hard Maple
The hard maple is a heavy kind of guitar wood. It tends to get very loud. Its highs are bright and it has an upper midrange that has great strength. The hard maple would not go too well with good lows, they would turn out to be quite on the constricted side.

Lacewood, a little like the name itself, finds it on the hard side to finish. The reason for this is that on it, finish is absorbed differently. It is a multi-density kind of wood. When compared to the Alder it is brighter, and when compared to the maple it is richer.

This type of wood is one which is soft wood but with tight grains. Cost-wise it is quite inexpensive, this is due to its relative ease in sanding, sealing and finishing.

Mahogany’s pattern of grain is much more constant. It has a density that is uniform in nature and each ring is similar to the next. Alder and Ash would preferably have a higher resonance to frequencies, however mahogany echoes guitar frequencies well too.

Alder wood has soft tight pores. It is of very light weight however its uniqueness is in that it has grain that has a swirling pattern that are usually in section format.

Swamp Ash
Each ring of the tree has soft layers in this type of guitar wood. It has pores that are open and large. It is amazing to find that two ash bodies will most likely sound different in comparison to guitar woods such as Alder, which will sound alike.

Not the nut that hares are fond of eating, walnut is a type of guitar wood that resembles the grains of Ash wood, with a density that is relatively constant, however if compared to the mahogany, the walnut has a brighter tone, but the mahogany is less dense and less hard.

The koa is oily. It is more so when compared to the mahogany and the walnut. The koa is known for its rarity. In addition to that it is pretty expensive too. The Koa can produce a very musical sound for a guitar player who is interested in the fundamentals.

It is also known as the super-mahogany. It is very responsive in nature and the makeup of its grains are similar to that of the mahogany. The korina is not too often used and price wise, it can be quite on the expensive side of the spectrum

Image courtesy of bestacousticguitarguide.com

Taking Care of the Small Things – How a New Pair of Shoe Insoles Have Improved the Happiness of Busy Londoners

Londoners are used to being called lots of things – pushy, impatient, driven, focused … you get the idea. To be fair, though, living in a city like London forces you to be in a rush – it’s a city where there’s always something going on, somewhere great to be and where the people simply want to get the most they can out of life. It’s also become one of the most expensive cities in the world, attracting people who love to spend money and the stores and services that love to help them.

Having said that, Londoners are also pretty savvy. You need to be if you’re going to live in a city like London and keep a hold of your sanity. All joking aside, city living can leave people feeling a bit cynical and jaded so when one company stepped up and offered everyone on a small London street a pair of the latest cutting edge shoe insoles, you can bet it raised a few eyebrows. Londoners know better than to turn down anything free, however, and the residents agreed to try the insoles for a week.

As the team passed out the insoles, they surveyed residents about how happy they were generally. They asked about a number of different topics but focused mainly on each person’s overall happiness. Residents then took the insoles and used them in their normal, everyday shoes and were asked to simply go about their daily lives. A week later, the research team came back to tally the results.

On average, residents reported a 30% increase in their overall happiness as well as some positive changes in their daily lives, including an increase in physical activity and an improvement in relationships with close family. These findings support a growing trend in mental, spiritual and physical healthcare. More and more often, healthcare professionals are looking to small changes that make a big impact. Many times, people feel a though they need an expensive spa day, family holiday or indulgent high-end treat in order to soothe their nerves or improve their mood. The problem with this approach is that these indulgent treats offer only temporary relief. Many times, people find that making small changes which encourage them to get more active or find greater comfort have the biggest impact on long term happiness.

The London residents selected for this small experiment were able to see firsthand the huge effect a small change can have. After only a week with the Walkfit Platinum shoe insoles, residents were noticeably happier and found they had more time and energy throughout the day. Small changes like shoe insoles can be surprisingly effective when it comes to improving a person’s happiness. Best of all these changes don’t carry the massive price tag of shopping trips, holidays or other High Street mood boosters. Instead, smaller changes offer big results for a small investment – the best value for money you’ll find in London or anywhere else.

Acoustic Guitar Amps

One of the most important aspects of playing acoustic guitar music is ensuring that your acoustic guitar has the best acoustic guitar amp. The good news is, there are a lot of varieties to choose from, and hence you will be guaranteed to find one that suits your guitar the best. Before we delve into acoustic guitar amps, let us first discuss why your choice of acoustic guitar amp matters.

The two main reasons as to why an acoustic guitar amp is important is firstly because of how you’re playing style becomes defined, and where or to whom you would be playing the guitar for. In the first instance, your playing style might require amplification, just to bring out your individual sense of music. And secondly, if playing for large crowds, the sound of the acoustic guitar, though beautiful in itself, it won’t be loud enough.
There are two kids of amplifiers: Solid state amplifiers and tube amplifiers.

Solid state amplifiers

For preamp and power sections, the solid state kind of amplifiers use transistors. With this kind of amplifier it is usually quite reliable and the signal in which one would obtain from it tends to be very clear.

Tube amplifiers

With the tube amplifiers, the tone is more organic in nature. Some would even go as far as describing it to be warm and stout. A distinct difference between the tube amplifier and the solid state one is in the maintenance. With the tube regular maintenance of the tubes would be a frequent requirement.


Another aspect of importance to consider when choosing an amplifier is the power. And yes power matters. If the amplifier is for personal home use, a power range of 30 down to 20 watts would be more than adequate. However, if as mentioned earlier, you are playing for a crowd, volume is a requirement. For a small enclosed room such as a lounge, a 60 down to 50 watt range would suffice. If you’re going all out with your friends in a band, a 100 watt amplifier would be best.


Acoustic guitar amps come with three basic features; feedback control, built-in effects and dual channels for both the microphone and the guitar itself. The function that the feedback control provides is that of feedback suppression. Many a time there may be feedback from a microphone or transducer in response to the signal sent by the guitar. The amplifier helps prevent this. Built in effects are those such as the compressor function or the loop function. The dual channel refers to the line/mic input feature. It assists you to balance your vocals with your guitar.

Having learnt about acoustic guitar amplifiers, you might be closer to making your decision. Be it a stereo amp that you might choose, which would assist your tone to be heard through stereo effects, or if you’re plainly seeking for an amp that will deliver a good qualitative acoustic guitar tone, then a mono amp will be the way to go.

How Will The Tablet Computer Market Develop In 2014?

Many industry experts are predicting that 2014 will be a big year for tablet computers. Tablets are expected to make up over half of all computer sales this year, outselling both notebooks and desktops combined.

Apple invented the tablet market when they launched the original iPad – and that was only in April of 2010. It was certainly a bold and innovative move on the part of Apple, but even the most ardent Apple fan boy (or girl) would have considered it to be a tertiary, or “add on” device at that time.

However, it’s clear that, for many people today, a tablet computer has become their first choice device in the computer market. That’s quite a result which testifies to the advances made in the computing power and functionality of tablets in a relatively short time.

The current crop of tablets features powerful quad core processors. They put desktop or notebook power, quite literally, in a user’s hands – and in a device which can be carried with you wherever you go should you wish.

In addition to enhanced power, tablets also feature touch screen controls and simple, easy to operate user interfaces. That means that they appeal to a wider audience. From the very young to the very old, and including many users who dislike using “standard” computers, tablets offer a great way for users to get online, keep up to date, use social networks, play games and make full use of the web.

With such a strong and rapid move towards tablets, the market is becoming very competitive. It can probably be divided into at least two segments right now; Apple and everybody else.

Apple’s strategy, in whichever market it operates in, has never been price based. The iPad still enjoys prime mover advantage, and that’s almost certain to continue for some time to come. However, even Apple has had to make a slight modification insofar as the iPad Mini is now their “main” offering rather than the “full size” iPad Air.

The rest of the market is much more price focused. Competition is fierce and, whilst manufacturers aren’t necessarily aiming for the lowest price, the title of “best value tablet computer” is vigorously contested.

Google, Amazon and Samsung are probably the main competition to Apple. All of these companies are much more price aware than Apple, but that is far from their only marketing strategy.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire range, for example, offers users a very easy to operate user interface, including 24/7 live online help, and access to the entire Amazon content ecosystem. It’s almost a natural choice for anyone who shops on Amazon on a regular basis.

Google and Samsung, whilst again being more price conscious than Apple, seem to be seeking to differentiate and compete based upon technical innovation and excellence. It’s unclear just how successful these strategies are for the two companies. They have certainly received glowing reviews, but whether or not these are currently translating into higher sales figures remains to be seen.

There are many other players, most of whom are offering tablets aimed fairly and squarely at the cost conscious buyer who just wants a basic tablet to surf the web, check e-mails and watch the odd video from time to time.

You can even, since the introduction of Tesco’s Hudl tablet in 2013, choose a supermarket own brand tablet if you’re looking for extreme value for money. Regular Tesco customers can choose to use their supermarket loyalty points to get even further reductions on an already low price should they wish.

So, 2014 is set to be a big year for tablet computers – and competition is going to be cutthroat. There may be some marked changes in the tablet computer landscape by the end of 2014.

Apple will continue to be the big dog of course, but Amazon will continue to grow its market share and will probably emerge as Apple’s main competition by the end of 2014. Google and Samsung will continue to thrive due to their technically excellent products, but they may struggle to match Amazon in terms of sales volume.

Meanwhile, other lesser known brands will offer bargain basement tablets for the budget end of the market. By the end of 2014, or possibly early 2015, Tesco will not be the only supermarket, or large chain store, offering their own tablet.

It’s all good news for consumers, of course. High levels of competition will result in increased choice and functionality – in addition to lower prices. Whichever tablet you like the look of, you may be able to get a good deal, especially in the second half of the year.

Lifestyles Of The Tall, The Famous And The Average Joe

Not long ago I went on a vacation with some friends. Now, this wasn’t an extremely lavish, or expensive vacation but it wasn’t like we were sleeping in the dirt or in tents. We found a nice hotel that wasn’t going to make us all go broke and we decided to give it a shot. To our surprise, we actually saw a a couple celebrities there. Yes, more than one! So it couldn’t have been too much of a dive.

Anyway, while we were there we did a few different activities and went on a few adventures. While in town though, we checked out some of the art museums and displays. Naturally, I love The National Gallery, but it’s always fun for me to go to other cultures and see the drastic differences in, well, just about everything. Everything from the art and music to the style of clothes and even the mannerisms are all different. One thing that I noticed while on vacation is that some of features that normally stand out (be it good or bad is irrelevant) weren’t quite as “abnormal” anymore. For example, there were actually quite a few very tall people walking around. Now, I’m not saying they had some secret for growing taller or that they were giants, but there were definitely taller than I’m used to seeing. Not that this is extremely important, but still a fun little side note that I happened to pick up.

Another interesting observation was the level of health that I noticed. Now, most people in London are in decent shape. Not too many are actually obese and quite a few like to get out and walk a bit. This is all good. However, while out and about we happened to notice quite a few that were overweight. Granted, we were mostly handing around the different eateries and “low impact” areas of tourism where the active are probably not quite as drawn to. At any rate, it looked like at least half of the people we ran into could use a good diet plan or at least something to get them started on the right track.

Overall though, our vacation was really fun and we learned a lot about the culture and surroundings, in addition to learning about all of the different people. One thing that I still appreciate about London though is the architecture. I think its going to be a tough one to beat anything like we’ve got here. At least as far as a more modern-day civilization. Of course there are places like Las Vegas in the United States and there there are amazing ancient-day civilization builds like the pyramids that one really can’t make an apple-to-apple comparison to. So in the end, vacationing is fun and you get to see a lot but it’s always nice to come back home.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little and let you know what I’ve been up to. And don’t worry, I’m going to be diving into some fun little technology breakthroughs and trends here in a little bit!

How to Define the Future of Photography?

In the past decade, with the advent of so many new cameras and lenses, it is now time to analyze and reflect on the various trends that are taking place in the wide world of photography today. It is also important to understand how they are shaping the way in which we see the world, and capture what is all around us. There are currently two trends that appear to be emerging in this realm. The first one deals with lenses and how they are being developed to assist with capturing video. The second is relevant to Wi-Fi enabled connectivity that is now being implemented into more and more new cameras.

When it comes to the perpetual reinvention of the lens, it is nothing less than exciting. An Austin photographer recently discussed the various ways in which he has used the emerging new trends in lenses to change how is capturing the world around him. He does not only do this for himself, but also for his clients. He also discussed how he has applied the new lenses to his portrait and event shoots with his customers. Not only is it changing the way in which he captures the world, it is also inspiring his clients to crave this style for their images as well. The whole idea of using video capture during a shoot is a new and revolutionary concept because it allows you more frames to choose from in the post-production process. This is great if you are shooting a wedding or the birth of a child. There are so many beautiful moments that occur during these types of events, and the photographer can only snap a photo as quickly as his hand will allow. But with the advent of motion picture photo capture, a moment is never missed. And the photographer is no longer limited by his ability to take the photo quickly. Everything is captured through high-quality video footage, and the photographer can then go through the footage frame by frame and select the most valuable images.

The second trend is one that has been a long time coming, and it is no wonder with the advent of software like instagram and facebook. Our entire world has become share happy, and people tend to do this through images. When it comes to uploading photos to the web, there is no reason why you should have to wait to get them onto your computer. Not when we have our smartphones that allow us to do so with good Wifi, and the click of a few buttons. So now the concept is transitioning to higher-end cameras, allowing photographers to immediately upload their high-quality images directly to the web with proper Wi-Fi connection and the click of a button on the camera itself. In many ways our world revolves around being able to share content as quickly as an individual possibly can, and the key to remaining relevant on the web is to share consistently. This is completely changing the game for professional photographers who are accustomed to having to wait long periods of time before they are capable of uploading images online. This is no longer the case, and it is once again, changing the way in which we perceive and share the world around us.

Learn more about online educational trends, online tutoring and their benefits

Group of young people in training courseWhat You Need To Know About Getting Media Education Online

These days, you can learn virtually anything virtually – without leaving the cozy space of your home. This is especially viable for the trendy digital media related fields that many choose to study in addition to their main occupation in order to become better specialists or for a better CV. This article focuses on the benefits of online education and tutoring as well as using paper writing services when there’s little time available.

Because of the problems of facilities and the high rates of education, many institutions today are turning to online education. Online education requires less or no facility and faculty that resorts to it spends less. That being said, online education is much cheaper compared to university studies and other schools.

Some students around the world would also prefer online education. In that way, they can take up quality education i. e. “know the whole world without going out of doors”. Here are some benefits of studying online.

  • It saves travel time and expenses – online education requires you to be online during a particular class session anywhere you are. You do not have to travel everyday so you can save more money.
  • You can get easy resources and help online – if you are required to write essays, you can get online essay service to help you write your essay. You can also get other writing services that will help you on your reports and other paper works.
  • It provides manuscripts or handouts that you can read repeatedly until you understand the lesson.
  • Some online tutorial does their tutoring via Skype in that way you can take face to face with your teacher.
  • You can create your educationally conducive atmosphere – if you are studying online, you can stay inside the most comfortable place inside your own house. This will make you feel better and you can study well.
  • You are free from too many distractions – some students lose their focus on studying because of too many distractions from activities, friends or even enemies at school.
  • Flexible time schedule – online tutorials are also flexible in terms of time. You can study at a very comfortable schedule. In that way, you can arrange your schedule and do extra jobs to earn more income.

Some online courses will require you to pass you essays in order to see if you qualify for that particular course. You do not have to worry about that because you can get online essay service on high quality writing services that we have online.

Other Easy Courses Online

You can take up many common online tutorial courses. Most of this is short-term courses but they are very beneficial. They can help a lot especially if it relates to your job or you profession. Here are some courses that people commonly take up.

  • Music courses – people love music and some make music as part of their lifestyle and their way to make a living. Music involves enhancing skills and abilities. You can learn piano, violin, guitar, drums, singing or voice lessons and more.
  • Arts courses – arts courses are also popular. You can design logos, do paintings, sculpting and other art related lessons.
  • Computer courses – you can learn many things about your computer and other online and technological lessons. You can learn programming, web designing and developing, and more.

Get the best course that you will fit you. You need to look at your skills and abilities and take up a course that matches your skills. Focus on studying and enhancing that skill and you will be surprised to gain success in the future.

The Media and London’s Economy

The Financial Services industry here in London is without doubt the key driver of London’s economic strength. The City is not only a huge player in the UK but also globally. Whether we like it or not finances rule our life and all though we all like to have a dig at the banks for the mess they caused( and rightly so in my opinion)  we should also remember the sheer panic and fear caused by the potential collapse of the banks( I can still see the queues outside Northern Rock branches, which was pretty close to a run a on UK bank as I have ever seen) The damage caused by the financial meltdown is still with us today, nearly six years after it all went “pear shaped”

Technology played its part in the Financial downturn, as technology and the worldwide media spread the news like a wildfire. We live in an age  of 24-7 media coverage and one thing I have learned from my friends that work in The City, is the importance of news and its influence on the markets. With so much bad news circulating in 2008, some commentators actually believe that the constant bad news became a self fulfilling prophecy. It makes you think , that the rapid spread of information via technology and 24 hour media, had some sort of  impact on the global economy? I don’t know if that is the case, I am not an expert on the psychology of the markets, but I do know human nature and the markets( city traders, bankers etc. ) do not like bad news or what they perceive as bad news. The knock on effect is pessimism and after that doom and gloom coupled with plunging markets.

We now seem to be on the road to recovery and the media is reporting good news, unemployment down and the economy growing again. The media keeps us up to date via our tablets , phones and even the old fashioned way via print. Whatever way you consume news, technology plays its part.

One of the main drivers of the economic upturn has been the housing market, especially here in London. The government launched  the Help to Buy scheme designed to help stimulate the mortgage market. The danger in London is this will only help push house prices even higher in the capital. This cant be a good thing for those living and working in London, where it is already ridiculously expensive to buy a home. I have family in Scotland that say, that although things have picked up, the recovery is not as strong as it is in London nor is the housing market accelerating like London’s. I myself was in Glasgow recently as I have some buy to let property in the Glasgow (I have found the rental yields are better than London in real terms)  I met up with my mortgage broker as I was looking to buy more rental properties in Glasgow. My mortgage broker confirmed the recovery was slower in Scotland, it was more  gradual , with house prices rising slowly. To me this is more sustainable in the long term than what is happening in London. My fear is we could be heading for a London centric property bubble.

The thing is, if London suffers then the rest of the UK feels the impact as any ” property bubble burst” in London. This would no doubt cause panic in the markets and before you know it pessimism, doom and gloom and a new self fulfilling prophecy would be launched. These things must go in cycles, there must be a starting point whereby someone says something pessimistic and this snowballs via “Chinese whispers” blown on the wind of 24 hour media via our smart devices. I don’t really know to be honest and I am not going to worry about it either. Things have picked up, so enjoy while things are good ,as when things go bad, you wont have to wait long to find out, just how bad things are.



Visiting London – Best Art Museums to Visit

londonGoing on vacation is something that families do at least once a year, and when it comes time to choose where to go, it is always a debate about where to go and what to do. One of the most visited places to go in the whole world is London, England. London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom, and it attracts millions every year with its amazing tours and sights to see. However, for a family about to venture across the big ocean to go to London, one of the most fun things to do there would be to go to an art museum. There are many art museums in London to visit, but some of them should take precedence over the others.

Best Art Galleries to Visit in London, England

Barbican Art Gallery: There are plenty of museums in London, England, and while some are modern museums that feature things like original Chevy car wheels and old breuer chairs used as art work, some people prefer to go to art galleries that are not so new wave. Barbican Art Gallery has a variety of different art work whether it is paintings or photography. Art is truly in the eye of the beholder, and at the Barbican Art Gallery, there is something for everyone.

National Gallery: Located in Trafalgar Square, everyone will probably recognize the dome and pillars that grace the front of this building. While inside people will not find car rims used as pieces of art, what they will find are works of art that can go back as far as the 13th century. Some of the most famous artists in the world have work inside the museum such as Renoir, Van Gogh, da Vinci, and many other men that well-known in the artistic world. What is the best part about going to the National Gallery? There is no entry fee to get into the museum, so people can literally spend all day there just gazing at the most beautiful art in the world.

Royal Academy of Arts: The Royal Academy of Arts has been around since 1768, and they are known for their incredible exhibits that are changed out every few months. The Royal Academy of Arts also has exhibits that show more than just works of art, but also some amazing architecture as well.

Serpentine Gallery: This art museum sits within Hyde Park, and is free to the public. People can go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine, and then stop inside the museum to see some remarkable pieces of artwork. The gallery is known for featuring more modern art from such famous artists as Andy Warhol.

The Best Art Galleries Are Located All Over London

Whitechapel Gallery: The Whitechapel area of London was famous for being the hunting grounds of Jack the Ripper, but is also the home of a very famous art gallery as well. The museum opened in 1901, and does not charge admission, and some of the most famous artists in the world got their first exhibitions at the Whitechapel Gallery such as Frida Kahlo and Jackson Pollock.

London, England is a place where a lot of people go when it comes time for the family to decide on where to spend their once-a-year vacation. While some people go to London for things like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, it is also known for having other tourist attractions. London has a ton of art galleries, and the majority of them have no entry fee. Vacations can be both fun and educational, especially if people go to the right art galleries that feature some of the most amazing artist in the world.

The Best Luxury Camping Spots in the United Kingdom

In recent years a new trend has emerged, the trend of glamping. “Glamping” is a word made up of two other words, “glamour” and “camping”. As you have correctly guessed glamping is all about spending time outdoors in a luxurious setup. Whereas ordinary camping requires you to sleep in your waterproof tent, glamping enables you to enjoy a more comfortable type of accommodation.

The recent spike in demand for glamping brought forth the emergence of a host of luxurious campsites in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at the three best luxurious campsites of the UK.

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is located in one of the sunniest spots in the UK, East of Edinburgh. The campsite is built over sand dunes close to the sea. The campsite has two types of accommodation, treehouses and safari tents. The houses and the tents can sleep up to eight people.  Each accommodation comes with its own separate sleeping and living area. They also have an extended back porch, a shower room, a well-equipped kitchen and a toilet. There is a common barbecue and a common fireplace in the camp, and you can buy food and supplies from the shop inside the camp.

Harvest Moon is not only famous for its excellent weather, but its wildlife as well. The dunes provide home for multiple species of birds, so the area is a frequent destination for birdwatchers. The sea is also very popular, and although it is a bit on the cold side for swimming, the shore is beautiful and perfect for long walks. The camp has a bike rental as well as a pony rental. Both options are excellent for discovering the area through the beautiful trails. The camp also has a children’s corner featuring ducks, chickens, lambs, bunnies and ponies.

The area is so beautiful that I would advise you to take your tent and go backpacking if you decide that glamping is not for you. However don’t forget to take your waterproof family or backpacking tent, because even though it is the sunniest spot of the UK, it can still get rainy.

The Wood Life

The Wood Life is in beautiful Devon, outside the village of Kenn, only five miles from Exeter. The Independent even called The Wood Life “Very close to the perfect camping holiday.”

The campsite has huge hand-made wooden tents. These tents measure 10 m times 5 m, which is plenty of space for a family tent.  The tents are built on a wooden deck. The children can enjoy themselves playing in the tree houses outside the tents. The campsite is located in eight acres of Devon woodland. The forest is completely abandoned and perfect for quiet, relaxed hikes with your loved ones. The tents have fireplaces, a barbecue and a wooden powered shower, while the lighting of the campsite is done with torches and hurricane lamps.

Lakes Yurts

Lake Yurts glamping resort is a luxurious campsite in the Lake District, inspired by Middle Eastern culture. The campsite has three types of yurts. These are the Erdene, Saran and Altan, which mean jewel, moon and golden. The yurts have an interiors design inspired by Middle Eastern architecture. They have sheepskin rugs, fitted carpets, plenty of lamps and an oil heater.

The campsite tries to give its visitors a middle eastern experience, so biscuits, tea and coffee is available in the common areas of the camp. The campsite also sells locally produced cheese, bread, bacon and jam.


Weather you like the beautiful seaside next to Harvest Moon, or you are longing for the solitude of The Wood Life, or if you want the experience of the Middle Eastern lifestyle provided by Lakes Yurts, glamping sites in the UK have what you are looking for. I can recommend glamping to everyone, it is a great way to combine the tranquility of mother nature with the comforts of civilisation.